Qatari Success 2019

"Qatari Success 2019"

August 19, 2019

Qatari Success is a platform highlighting Qatari’s talents and competencies in different fields. It sheds light on their success stories and accomplishments. This year we witness the launching of the 3rd Edition of Qatari Success, organized by the efforts and abilities of young Qataris.



Our Unity is Our Strength, is the emblem of Qatar National Day 2022. On the occasion, numerous celebrations and events were held to commemorate the founding of the State of Qatar by the founder Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed bin Thani on December 18, 1878. One of the most important events is Darb Al Saai and its cultural, heritage and historical legacy, highlighting the most authentic customs and traditions of Qatari society as well as the national course on December 18, the day of this year’s FIFA World Cup final in Qatar.

The Ministry of Culture is organizing the first edition of the Ramadan Book Fair, from the 8th to the 16th of April 2022 in the West Square of Souq Waqif. 35 publishers from nine countries are participating in the Ramadan Book Fair. This fair is an extension of the Doha International Book Fair, as it aims to encourage reading, support Qatari publishers by marketing books, expand the readership, develop knowledge, and celebrate the Qatari heritage to enhance authentic cultural values.

For its first time, the Ministry of Culture launched the Seminar Series that will be held from 17 to 31 March 2022. This event will contribute to the establishment of a harmonious and diverse intellectual and cultural environment, enhancing the role of intellectuals and thinkers in Qatar. Dialogue and debates will encourage creativity and consolidate the Qatari identity.

Under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al Thani, Minister of Culture, the Doha Theater Festival returns for its 34th edition, after an absence of 5 years, organized by the Theater Affairs Center from 16 to 27 March in Katara Cultural Village, and this version of the festival coincides with the 50th year since the beginning of theatrical movement in Qatar.

On the occasion of Qatar Photography Day, the Akkas Photography Center of the Ministry of Culture is organizing Soura Forum 2022 to highlight and develop the hobby of photography in Qatar. The forum extends over two days and includes a series of artistic workshops in various fields of photography.

Qatari Success 2022 kicks off in its fifth edition and this year’s festival includes several forums and events in addition to presenting several workshops over three days at the Qatar National Convention Center.

The 31st edition of the Doha International Book Fair is held under the slogan: Knowledge is Light. This edition marks the achievement of 50 years of exhibition since its first launch in 1972. This year, the United States of America is the guest of honor in accord with the Qatar-America Year of Culture 2021.

Under the slogan: Ancestral Meadows: A Matter of Trust, the State of Qatar celebrates the activities of the National Day 2021. The National Day is an opportunity to commemorate the founding of the State of Qatar by the founder Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed bin Thani on December 18, 1878. During the year, many celebrations are held to introduce the heritage of Qatar, the customs and traditions of the Qatari society, and the dignity and pride of the country, in addition to shedding more light this year on the world of nature, the environment and the natural resources that the land of Qatar preserves.

The Qatari song reflects the artist’s connection to the National identity and the culture of the Qatari society by reflecting the details of the local environment in it. The Qatari song is also a milestone in that emotional encounter between the creative art of Qatari singing and the sense of the Qatari audience, which is attracted by quality music and singing. Through its content and originality, the Qatari song has marked the lives of the Qataris over the years, and it was characterized by honesty and nobility. The Qatari Song Festival aims to support the Qatari song and encourage the pillars of creativity in it (composers, poets, singers, and musicians) to present artworks befitting the march of Qatari song.

Katara International Hunting and Falcon Exhibition 2021 (S’hail Exhibition) is held in its fifth edition at Katara Cultural Village with the participation of many companies that provide the latest tools and equipment used in hunting, falconry, and road trips. For the second year in a row, organizers are keen to achieve the highest standards of precautionary measures to combat the covid-19 virus and ensure the safety of the visitors.

In its fourth edition in 2021, the Qatari Success festival aims to showcase the most successful Qatari experiences of influencers and distinguished people in all areas, and provides an opportunity of interaction between officials and the public through the organization of numerous talk events.

We coexisted with its nature, the colors of its soil and sea, and the changing seasons, then we were affected by its characteristics until it formed an important and influential part in building our personality and identity.

Mohammed Al-Braidy conveys Eid Al-Adha 2021 atmosphere from various malls as well as numerous interviews with citizens and residents of Qatar.

His Excellency the Minister of Municipality and Environment, Mr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Subaie, on the occasion of the launch of the National Day 2021 slogan.

His Excellency the Minister of Culture and Sports Salah bin Ghanem Al-Ali on the occasion of the launch of the National Day 2021 slogan.

Mohamed Al-Braidy joins the people’s Eid al-Fitr 2021 celebrations as well as the greetings of Qataris and residents of Qatar.