National Day 2017

"National Day 2017"

June 24, 2018

The National Day is the commemoration of the State of Qatar’s Unification by the Founder His Highness Sheikh Jassim Bin Mohammed Al Thani. Qatar celebrates this memorial day every year on December 18. One of the main celebrations held during this time is “Darb Al Saai” that covers many activities and reflects the image of loyalty to Qatar. On December 18, Qatar presents the “National Parade” that ends with a huge firework show.



The 31st edition of the Doha International Book Fair is held under the slogan: Knowledge is Light. This edition marks the achievement of 50 years of exhibition since its first launch in 1972. This year, the United States of America is the guest of honor in accord with the Qatar-America Year of Culture 2021.

Under the slogan: Ancestral Meadows: A Matter of Trust, the State of Qatar celebrates the activities of the National Day 2021. The National Day is an opportunity to commemorate the founding of the State of Qatar by the founder Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed bin Thani on December 18, 1878. During the year, many celebrations are held to introduce the heritage of Qatar, the customs and traditions of the Qatari society, and the dignity and pride of the country, in addition to shedding more light this year on the world of nature, the environment and the natural resources that the land of Qatar preserves.

The Qatari song reflects the artist’s connection to the National identity and the culture of the Qatari society by reflecting the details of the local environment in it. The Qatari song is also a milestone in that emotional encounter between the creative art of Qatari singing and the sense of the Qatari audience, which is attracted by quality music and singing. Through its content and originality, the Qatari song has marked the lives of the Qataris over the years, and it was characterized by honesty and nobility. The Qatari Song Festival aims to support the Qatari song and encourage the pillars of creativity in it (composers, poets, singers, and musicians) to present artworks befitting the march of Qatari song.

Katara International Hunting and Falcon Exhibition 2021 (S’hail Exhibition) is held in its fifth edition at Katara Cultural Village with the participation of many companies that provide the latest tools and equipment used in hunting, falconry, and road trips. For the second year in a row, organizers are keen to achieve the highest standards of precautionary measures to combat the covid-19 virus and ensure the safety of the visitors.

In its fourth edition in 2021, the Qatari Success festival aims to showcase the most successful Qatari experiences of influencers and distinguished people in all areas, and provides an opportunity of interaction between officials and the public through the organization of numerous talk events.

We coexisted with its nature, the colors of its soil and sea, and the changing seasons, then we were affected by its characteristics until it formed an important and influential part in building our personality and identity.

Mohammed Al-Braidy conveys Eid Al-Adha 2021 atmosphere from various malls as well as numerous interviews with citizens and residents of Qatar.

His Excellency the Minister of Municipality and Environment, Mr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Subaie, on the occasion of the launch of the National Day 2021 slogan.

His Excellency the Minister of Culture and Sports Salah bin Ghanem Al-Ali on the occasion of the launch of the National Day 2021 slogan.

Mohamed Al-Braidy joins the people’s Eid al-Fitr 2021 celebrations as well as the greetings of Qataris and residents of Qatar.

Under the slogan Our Culture is Enlightenment, the Doha Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021 events will be launched throughout 2021. The event aims to enhance Doha’s cultural standing as culture is considered an important window overlooking the entire world and the Islamic World in particular. The Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ISESCO has chosen Doha as the Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021 to highlight the Islamic culture throughout the year.

Qatar celebrates National Sports Day on the second Tuesday of February each year. The year 2021 was exceptional due to the corona pandemic and the precautionary measures imposed during this day, with only individual sports allowed such as running, swimming, and cycling. The importance of organizing National Sports Day in Qatar every year is to promote the moral and human values of sport as well as its many health benefits, and to educate citizens and residents about the importance of sport in their daily life, encouraging them to practice it throughout the year.

Qatar National Day is a national commemoration of Qatar’s unification by the founder, Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed bin Thani. It took place on 18 December of the year 1878. In December, a variety of celebrations and events are held to introduce the heritage of Qatar, and to appreciate the genuine customs and traditions of the Qatari community enhancing the pride for the state. The National Path is one of the celebrations. It falls on 18 December and takes place in Doha Corniche. This year witnesses the organization of several historical and cultural programs, events, and seminars. All these programs and events will be held distinctively to highlight the significance of Qatar National Day, as a distinctive national occasion for all people in Qatar. Also, as a day to strengthen the national affiliation and loyalty. In addition, to express all aspects of solidarity, unity, and pride in Qatar national identity inspired by its original values extended since the founding of the state.

Qatari Song Night concert at Al-Mayassa Theater at the Qatar National Convention Center – Video of the second night live broadcast.

Qatari Song Night concert at Al-Mayassa Theater at the Qatar National Convention Center – Video of the first night live broadcast.

The second edition of Qatari Song Night this year holds the slogan: Mahtar Ya Biladi Shahdelj. This event is based on the Ministry of Culture and Sports’ vision of – Towards a Conscious Society with an Authentic Conscience and a Healthy Body. The Qatari songs embody the artist’s association with his national identity and culture, by reflecting the local environment details. Through its content and originality, the Qatari song has shaped the lives of Qataris over the years, characterized by honesty and noble feelings.

The State Award for Children’s Literature in its eighth session aims to encourage creative writers and authors from Qatar and the Arab world, to produce high-level works in the field of children’s literature. The awareness in cultural and literary capabilities of the child will enrich the Qatari and Arab library with artistic compositions in the field of Children’s literature, inspired by heritage.

H.E. Khalid bin Ghanem Al-Ali hosted an intellectual session on major historical events in Qatar entitled – Qataris Between Action and Reaction – at the Qatar National Theatre.

The Doha Drama Writing Award is considered to be the best in this field in the Arab world and is held annually. The award was created by the Ministry of Culture and Sports for dramatic writing. The Doha Drama Writing Award encourages Qatari and other drama writers to produce dramatic works in various fields such as theatre, television and film. This year’s award will be held on social media platforms, due to the repercussions of the Corona pandemic.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports launched the third edition of the Drama Writers Forum under the theme: Arab drama between theory and application: the crisis of aspirations and the reality of challenges – with the participation of a selection of writers, critics and artists from Qatar and 20 Arab countries. This year’s forum is held remotely due to precautionary measures in light of the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 and includes a number of events such as discussion sessions as well as various workshops.

Noorah Al-Meedadi, Award’s Trophy Designer for the Doha Drama Writing.

The fourth edition of the Katara International Hunting and Falcon Exhibition 2020 S’Hail is being held in Al-Hekma Square in Katara with the participation of a select group of the biggest international companies specialized in falcons, hunting, and hunting supplies. The exhibition this year will take a series of preventive and precautionary measures to ensure a safe shopping experience. All this, is to prevent the infection by Coronavirus.

Mohamed Al-Braidy sheds the light on the preparations and celebrations of Eid Al Adha 2020.

His Excellency Salah Bin Ghanim Al-Ali, Minister of Culture and Sports, on Qatar Sports Day 2020: We reap the benefits of investing in sport and Sports Day is the culmination of these efforts”.

Qatar Sports’ Day is celebrated on the second Tuesday of February each year. This celebration aims to raise awareness on the importance of sport and its role in communities and making it an essential part of everyday life. The activities include various sports that transform the State of Qatar into an open sports arena, where events are held in different regions and sports facilities.

The Third Edition of the Qatari Youth Forum is held under the slogan: O my country, here I am. This event is held as the Ministry of Culture and Sports endeavors to empower young people by ensuring that they effectively participate in all areas of the society. The Qatari Youth Forum is an opportunity in which the aspirations and goals of youth converge to have an influence and an effective role in society that will contribute to achieving the Qatar vision.

Under the slogan Do You Then Not Ponder, the 30th edition of the Doha International Book Fair kicks off. Also, this year, the exhibition will be a platform that brings together readers, writers and intellectuals from around the world to exchange cultures and raise community awareness. France is the guest of honor of this year’s edition to mark the opening of the Qatar-France 2020 Year of Culture.

Every year, Darb Al Saai events are held in preparation for the great celebration of Qatar National Day in commemoration of the founding of the State by Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani, and the aim of Darb Al Saai is to highlight the values of Qatari society and to introduce the emerging generation to the meanings of loyalty, solidarity and unity and to instill these values in them through many activities, in addition to introducing Qatar’s heritage and not reducing an era of history in just one day. All that interaction appears with the participation of the largest number of citizens and residents alike.

Aseel Hamim and Nasser Al-Kubaisi – Amdi Biladi accompanied by the Qatari Musician Hala Al-Emadi.

The activities of the Educational Sector are an opportunity to develop children’s personality and improve their skills in all fields, as well as to cultivate and consolidate their patriotism.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports organizes the 2nd Edition of the Drama Writers Forum to discuss ways of promoting the Arabic Drama through a content that contributes to the positive development and the rise of societies.

As part of the Doha Youth Capital 2019, the Youth Camp for Voluntary and Humanitarian Work will be held in Qatar in cooperation with Qatar Charity from 27 October to 06 November, giving an opportunity for Muslim youth to share experiences and knowledge in the field of voluntary and humanitarian work.

Qatar’s elite and most prominent stars and young talents gather to sing Qatar through their songs and melodies on the Qatari Song Night as a token of loyalty to their country and its rich music history.